PIACENZA was founded in 1733 – nearly 300 years ago. Located in the beautiful Italian city of Biella, PIACENZA is one of the oldest and most renowned fabric mills in the world. The company sources only the finest animal fibers and adopts strict quality control throughout the entire production process. The PIACENZA fabric is synonymous with uncompromising quality and timeless elegance.


PIACENZA is known for its exceptional cashmere fabrics. The goats that produce the most precious cashmere fiber, come from the Alashan Region in northern China. The Alashan Cashmere by Piacenza is soft, warm, smooth, and luxurious. Available in beautiful shades of natural colors, mélange greys and more.

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Royal Blue is proud to be the sole-authorized distributor of PIACENZA fabrics in Thailand. We are always looking to work with new and established tailors. Feel free to drop us a message or visit our office.

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