Thomas Mason


Thomas Mason was founded in Lancashire, England in 1796 by the industrialist Sir Thomas Mason. Today, Thomas Mason is a brand of the Italian Albini Group, the largest European manufacturer of shirting fabrics.

Albini and Thomas Mason are considered to be among the most beautiful shirting fabrics in the world. Royal Blue is proud to be the authorized seller of these two iconic brands in Thailand. Cut lengths are delivered with an authentic label, gussets, collar bones, and hand tag.

Exceptional Quality

The fabrics are made with the highest quality cottons such as the Giza 45 and Giza 87. The Egyptian Giza cotton is known to be of the highest quality grade. The fineness of its fibers makes it ideal for the production of exceptional fabrics.

Fabrics Highlights

Thomas Mason and Albini fabrics are used by many of the best stylists, tailors, and shirt makers in the world.

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